"My paintings expand on the traditional definition of abstract expressionism. They are a form of framing a conscious or subconsciousness—the gestures articulate a moment; they are translations of an immersive experience. I want to give form to something that can't be expressed by words alone. Through the scale of the mark-making, the works are also a reading of the body and what it is to be human."   JACQUI COLLEY

Jacqui Colley often refers to her practice as a meditation, central to her thinking is the understanding of how much her environment influences her work. She’s interested in the dynamic between the organic and the mechanised, and the relationship between cause and effect.


Jacqui’s works are compositions of marks and large-scale notations—a coming together of order and disorder, logic and chaos. Through her art, she is giving form to something that can't be expressed with words alone.


Most recently, Jacqui has made a shift from complex colour compositions to a more monochromatic use of colour with pencil lines embedded in the paintings. By allowing the canvas or paper to show through in large areas, these works may appear partially unfinished. Drawing plays an essential role— with pencil and brushwork creating a depth and complexity to the final image.


Jacqui’s process sees her developing a number of works all at the same time, moving between each of them. Working across a suite of works, rather than completing one work at a time, allows her the contemplation, discovery and open-ended conversations that are central to her practice—experimentation informs further improvisation and orientation. Colour, line, material, gesture, depth and density are expressed as traces of her thought process and are integrated with the dialogue that develops between the works.