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Jacqui Colley_ Cobalt_Studio.jpg

Studio view, Jacqui Colley, Cobalt, 2021 oil on canvas, 1.2 x 1.4 m 

JACQUICOLLEY HyphenatedStates.jpg



Jacqui Colley is a contemporary artist based in New Zealand.

She's interested in the intersection between the organic and the mechanised in nature - and the ways in which this impacts human experience and shapes our perceptions.

"I am an abstract expressionist working in a variety of painting and drawing processes. Through my abstractions I manifest and arrange complex ideas and notions in a poetic way. My work comes out of a practice of experimentation and observation of transformations. I’m interested in how these areas intersect when it comes to my experience of time and place."


Installation, Jacqui Colley, Hyphenated States, 2019, black ink pigment, etched drawing on aluminuim,
1.2 x 2.4 m , Schloss Randegg, DE,residency. 

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