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Based in Te Whanganui-a-Tara, Wellington, New Zealand, Jacqui Colley’s paintings are informed by continual observations of the environment around her: they are distillations of her experience of place. Colley’s acts of painting express place as a series of imagined spaces where her intentions and the reactions of the viewer meet. This blurring of time and space opens possibilities and suggests potential readings of works without clearly defined boundaries. Mediated through the material object itself, it is in these discursive gaps that meaning gathers and accumulates.

JACQUICOLLEY HyphenatedStates.jpg

Installation, Jacqui Colley, Hyphenated States, 2019, black ink pigment, etched drawing on aluminuim,
1.2 x 2.4 m , Schloss Randegg, DE,residency. 

Orexart Exterior_Arpeggio.jpg

Arpeggio, gallery window, Orexart, Ponsonby Road Auckland, New Zealand

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